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Why buy facebook friends if you could buy followers? What’s the difference?

As time goes by, more and more users open for themselves all the advantages that mass following, mass liking and ability to buy Facebook friends might give to someone’s page or a profile. Facebook is a social net that’s able to bring you many opportunities to promote and develop your page – you only need to turn to several social media marketing tools, which can help you in your PR plans.

Buying followers for your Facebook page is a well known algorithm that provides an appreciable result in a few days, showing positive changes in your page’s statistics. But there are some differences in buying followers and buying Facebook friend requests – as you may know, “friends” on Facebook is a separate category that can interact with your profile’s content more actively than followers.

You should also consider that option of buying friends on Facebook is available only for personal profiles, not for business or so called fan-pages. Overall, the question whether it’s necessary to buy Facebook friends or you can stay content with buying followers is pretty tough, because buying Facebook friends online has a list of advantages and disadvantages that you should reckon with before deciding if you want to pay for this service. We’re going to tell you about “+” and “-“ in details to make your choice rational and thoughtful.

  1. Facebook holds a restriction on how many Facebook friends you can buy (equals: one user may have) – the amount shouldn’t be bigger than 1,000 friends per profile. That’s why you should be really careful with your checkout – companies that claim to provide you with thousands of friends are dishonest from the beginning.
  2. The “safe space” politics of Facebook spreads not only on usual spam notifications, but on sending invitations for your potential friends too. You can pay for Facebook friends, but if you’ll send (or receive) approximately 100 or more messages with the same text at once, Facebook will automatically mark them as spam and block your page until they figure out what exactly was the case with mass messaging from your profile.
  3. Contrary to these minuses, purchasing Facebook friends is the most help in spreading content from your page. Facebook friends you’ve bought can leave comments, share your links on their pages and make reposts. Buying friends on Facebook is really beneficial to people who plan on active communication with their target audience, making profit via shared links and other types of personal info.
  4. As we said, you can communicate with your friends way more than with your followers – this means: you have an ability to receive tons of bought friend requests on Facebook and invite those friends to any kind of business or personal events in direct messages. It increases chances of them actually responding and attending your event, which is a direct aim of sending mass messages in the first place.

Summing up, we can say, that buying Facebook friends online is a great idea for someone who’s actually planning to build their business by dint of their social media followers and counts mass following as a really helpful SMM tool which it surely is.

So, how to buy friends on facebook and stay confident in upcoming results?

The main rule of arranging any kind of social media marketing bargains including buying Facebook friends online is checking twice on where all these likes, followers and friends actually come from. As we said, never trust an agency that promises you enormous amounts of bought friend requests on Facebook in few hours: it’s ten to one that they’re working using bot software and results of their services will disappear after couple of days.

The best type of services are those, where you kind of “hiring” your Facebook friends – buying them through paying directly or exchanging their involvement in your profile’s activity for free content they’d like to check out without paying any money. That’s the most solid way to make sure your Facebook friends “buy” you nice statistics’ activity raise and won’t go anywhere before your business scheme even starts to work.

All you need to do is to find a company that provides services of this type and voila: you can buy friends on Facebook without any worries! Also we strongly recommend checking the payment system a company uses – it should be well-known and secure on all the levels.

What is the best site to purchase facebook friends?

We think we know the most trustworthy resource where you can buy fake Facebook friends and stay sure that everything’s going to happen right: it’s VIPLIKES, company based in USA, which helps their clients to promote their products and services the best and easiest way! VIPLIKES is no doubt the best because of many reasons, some of them are:

  • Having an excess amount of experience in social media marketing field thankfully to over 5 years of working with our clients and closing a lot of interesting and hard orders.
  • Our large base of sites that offer users desirable free content in exchange for following and liking. We allow you to buy Facebook friends requests legally and never leave any concerns about actual durability of showed services.
  • We aim to work on an individual plan of promotion and development for each end every client, we’re happy to form a long term partnerships if needed and provide you with several services combined: bought Facebook friends, followers and other helpful stuff.
  • We offer to buy real Facebook friend requests and always check on activity of user’s profile before redirecting them to your page. That’s how we make sure this is going to be a long term follower or bought friend on Facebook – they’re practically getting bound to you by our free quality content. What we do exactly is showcase your profile to people who want to get free access to any kind of content from our sites and exchange it for their “bought” friend requests for your Facebook page.

Buying friends on Facebook is a great way to set a promotion campaign that will surely bring positive results and will help your profile grow and widen its’ target audience. Due to Viplikes buying fake Facebook friends is possible and obtainable – we will keep you safe and make your content interesting and appealing to anyone who would ever visit your page. You’ll see comments, likes and involvement in polls, Facebook friends you’ve bought will react on mass messaging in direct and show interest in stuff you’re doing.

If you ready to make an order – make sure to also check our convenient discount packs that offer beneficial bargains on buying Facebook friends requests, likes, followers and comments. They are some kind of little PR-plans with already set amount of achievable bought friends on Facebook, followers, friends and etc., which may come in handy.

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